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Welcome to We Explore It. We are a team of researchers who started their research activities in 1998 in London UK, the international hotspot for market, social and trend research. Since 2002 we are based in Berlin, where we have refined our insights into methodological interview techniques and analysis strategies in the following areas IT/Mobile Networks, Healthcare, Participatory Democratic Processes, Art and Creative Entrepreneurship, Mobility and Transport. B2B and B2C, G2C, full service.

Our new live streaming studio


Now you can follow our focus groups via live streaming with SimTrans.

- Secure Live-Stream

- Secure chat room for clients and moderator during focus groups

- Live projection during focus groups with high quality sound system for film clips and trailers.

- Mobile live camera adjustment for easily adaptable seating arrangements. For example cinema-like arrangement.

We certify your CO2 footprint savings.

if you use our livestream studio instead of flying to Berlin.
For example:
Singapore [Changi International Airport] (SIN) - Berlin [Tegel] (TXL)
19,894.47 km, round trip, economy, 2 persons = 9,715.16 kg



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Online Survey.

Modern online surveys are no longer the boring tool
in the current market-research sector. WEI's online
surveys tools can be used for any devices and reflect
completely all required necesseties.

Current Online Surveys:



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Who we are and what we do.

We are an international full-service market research
company established 2002 in Berlin.

The market and social research projects that we
design and conduct inform brand decisions, unlock
further creative potential, and guide key stakeholders
in taking the next step in the process.

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Register to take part in research.

We are constantly looking for respondents that like
to take part in research projects in varies interesting
areas as professional, unprofessional or both.

Healthcare, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Governance,
Nutrition, Sport, Migration, Urban/Rural Development.

Please send us an E-Mail to:
We will send you a link to activate the registration.



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