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Since its foundation in 2002, Berlin-based We-Explore-It (WEI) has been a reliable partner for global market research companies and management consultancies implementing complex, international projects. We also support small and medium-sized companies in crucial strategic situations.

WEI advises and conducts qualitative research in German and/or worldwide in English. This may involve expert interviews on a specific topic, in-depth discussions with key customers or focus groups with specific target groups in order to gain in-depth insights for upcoming decisions.


Founding, expertise and strengths:

WEI was established on the initiative of two market researchers who acquired and honed their skills at NOP World (later NOP GfK) in London from 1998-2002. 25 years later, WEI has extensive technical know-how, e.g. regarding the moderation and analysis of qualitative interviews, a lot of content knowledge on the important topics of various industries, such as telecommunications, high-tech, pharmaceutical/healthcare, automotive, mobility, etc. in both the B2B and B2C sectors, as well as experience in working with demanding clients who have to make decisions under high time pressure.


WEI has particular expertise in conducting interviews with Executives / C-level. Our moderators gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter in advance, adapt adeptly to the requirements of the interviewees and design the interview in such a way that it is perceived as insightful and inspiring for both sides. With a nuanced understanding of the business landscape, WEI ensures that C-level interviews are conducted with precision and finesse, providing clients with valuable insights into the perspectives of key decision makers.


International Network:

WEI has built an extensive international network of highly experienced recruiters and international interview studios. WEI's international reach ensures that clients receive a comprehensive and diverse perspective that enriches the qualitative research process.






Our live streaming studio


 Now you can follow our focus groups via live streaming with SimTrans.

- Secure Live-Stream

- Secure chat room for clients and moderator during focus groups

- Live projection during focus groups with high quality sound system for film clips and trailers.

- Mobile live camera adjustment for easily adaptable seating arrangements. For example cinema-like arrangement.